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Now available at Matt Taylor's Life story so far "I Remember when I was Young forward by Michael Gudinski.

Just in! We have a few samples of the new Matt Taylor CD "Ozindigo Excited" due to be released in 2021. Visit the shop. Music for the post virus and Trump Era. What to believe and who do you trust?

I've just added the new Chain celebrate 50 years T-shirt I only have 12.

"Wow! What do you know, out of work for a while. No problem, record another CD! ...But CD's are dead? Not if you only sell a few hundred and there's still people with stereos. I don't need much of an excuse to lock myself in the studio for a few months and write and record music for post pandemic ears. Make the most of a truly horrible situation. I'll make the music first and add words when I truly comprehend what we're presently going through. Times moving on and I've completed my next CD Ozindigo Excited .The mastering and cover may take awhile and I'd like to sell a few more Ozindigo CD's (I've received zilch from the Government)so I can cover the cost.For the next month I'll concentrate on my artwork ,do a few paintings and come back to music with fresh ideas.OK that's me for the near future so everyone stay safe and remain healthy."

Love Matt


  • Date Venue
  • Matt Taylor

    June 1 2021

    New solo show Blues to Ozblues to Ozindigo

    Perth Blues Club Charles Hotel 3rd time Lucky

    June 1 2021

    Perth Blues Club Charles Hotel

    Let the post virus planet be a much better place to live
  • Chain

    Mar 7 2020


    Great Gig
  • Chain

    Mar 9 2020

    Spotted Mallard

    Great Gig- 2pm to 5pm
  • Matt Taylor's Chain with Chris Finnen

    Mar 20 2021

    Myponga Festival 2

    Great Gig.
  • Matt Taylor's Chain with Chris Finnen

    Mar 18 2021

    Thebaton Thetre

    Great Gig
  • Chain

    3rd and 5th April 2021

    Byron Bay Blues Festival


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