The Best of Western Flyer

Western Flyer was a unique experiment in Australian music. This CD is a combination of the First Flight and Live to Survive LP's.

Recorded: 1977/78

Band Members: Matt Taylor (Vocals/Harmonica/Acoustic Guitar), Vance Burrows (Lead Guitar), Mick Elliot (Lead Guitar) Bruce Devenish (Drums), James Gillard (Bass, Backing Vocals), John Poole-Johnson (Keyboards), Brian Peacock (Vocals/2nd Guitar).

Label: Forever Records


1. Throw me a Line
2. Nannup Tiger
3. Runaway
4. The Promised Land
5. Again
6. I Remember When I Was Young (Read Lyrics)
7. Double Gee Queen
8. Ice Cream
9. Make Up
10. Happy Again
11. Pieces
12. Cruisin' Bears
13. Providence
14. Blue Rinse Tour
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