About From the Wilderness MK 2

Matt Taylor's personal journey
A few years back Matt recorded the From The Wilderness CD. He never released it properly just selling a few copies on his website. He’s now rerecorded six of the tracks 'old school'. Old school recording puts the song first performance second and production third.

For much of his life Matt’s tried to redefine Blues to suit the Australian environment. On his 2 tours supporting Muddy Waters, he started by wanting to play Blues as good as 'The Mud' then decided he should play his music as well as Muddy played his. If at different times the music doesn’t sound pristine and overproduced or very American then that’s how he likes it. This is human music warts and all.


  • Date Venue
  • Matt Taylor's Chain

    Feb 29 2020

    Like all other creative arts people I can no longer perform in public

    I'm now recording music for the post virus world
  • I look forward to performing with Chain when possible

    Mar 6 2020

    Stay safe and live without fear

    Let the post virus planet be a much better place to live
  • Chain

    Mar 7 2020


    88 Ackland St, St Kilda
  • Chain

    Mar 9 2020

    Spotted Mallard

    314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick - 2pm to 5pm
  • Matt Taylor's Chain with Chris Finnen

    Mar 13 2020

    Elizabeth RSL

  • Matt Taylor's Chain with Chris Finnen

    Mar 14 2020

    3 Brothers Arms

  • Chain


    Byron Bay Blues Festival

    Byron Bay

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