Gig Guide

Enjoy OzBlues with Chain and Matt Taylor live. ChaIn play several gigs a year throughout Australia. Matt's 4 new CD's The Puzzle , Ozindigo Catalyst and Ozindigo The Prize Ozindigo Excited available now.


  • Date Venue
  • Matt Taylor

    Sat.July 24

    Matt's solo show Blues to Ozblues to Ozindigo

    Stirling Arms Hotel
  • Official CD release Ozindigo Excited

    July 24 2021

    Stirling Arms Hotel

    Let the post virus planet be a much better place to live
  • Chain

    Oct.2nd and 4th 2020

    Byron Bay Blues Fest

    Byron Bay
  • Chain

    29 Oct. 2020

    Brunswic Club Ex-Spotted Mallard

  • Chain

    Oct 31 2021


    St Kilda
  • Chain

    Mar 18 2021

    Way Out West Blues Club

  • Matt Taylors Chain feat.Chris Finnen

    November 2021

    3 brothers Arms-Rosemount -Workers Club

    More info soon

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