Harmonica Box Set 1 New SOLD NO longer available

Celebrate Matt Taylor's 50 years in The Black and Blue Chain with 6 Gig Harmonicas in a attractive presentation case. These harmonicas were played by Matt Taylor. Starting with a 1960's Hohner Super Vamper a Ms Pro Harp, a Classic 10 hole Marine Band, a 12 hole Marine Band(The 7 incher), and a now rare Old Standby. The star of the show is a 14 hole Marine band Matt calls the 9 incher certainly used on the train before Grab.. Matt played these Harmonicas at different times over the last 50 years .Plus an extra special cd of Matt.Taylor's recordings with Chain .Celebrate 50 years of The Black and Blue Chain All harmonicas are signed (engraved) by Matt Taylor. SOLD

Price: $175.00


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