Mix up the Oils

This is the first Chain CD featuring Dirk Du Bois on bass. Many of the songs were experiments taking Ozblues to new places.

Recorded: 1999

Band Members: Matt Taylor (Vocals/Harmonica), Phil Manning (Lead Guitar), Barry 'Little Goose' Harvey (Drums), Dirk Du Bois (Bass).

Label: Forever Records


1. Mix Up the Oils
2. Eternal Heart Attack
3. The River
4. Millennium Fever
5. Nomadic Horsemen
6. People Hardly Change
7. Humble Opinion
8. Thin Silk
9. Quiet Revolution
10. Tonight
11. The Boss-Lady
12. Magic Zip
13. Mixed Up Kid
14. Comfort Zone
15. They Bleed
16. Alex
17. Shining
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