Oz Blues

This is the CD that defines Australia's contribution to the world of blues. To his eternal credit, Matt Taylor has never crossed back over the tracks. His personal blues odyssey has been committed, as enveloping and as productive as that of any black American artist his age. His colour has long since ceased to be an issue. He makes blues music because he feels it, because it grows inside him and demands release.

Recorded: 1980

Band Members: Matt Taylor (Vocals/Harmonica), Phil Manning (Lead Guitar), Ric Whittle (Drums), Roy Daniel (Bass).

Label: Forever Records, Tamborine Music.


1. Nothing
2. Nice Friends
3. The Line
4. Laughing
5. Spring Hill
6. Blow
7. Mannish Boy
8. Tammy
9. Comin' on Strong
10. Boogie 2 (Son of Boogie)
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