Pyramids and Spirals

Recorded: 1995

Band Members: Matt Taylor (Vocals/Harmonica/Guitar) with accompanying instrumentalists.

Label: Forever Records


1. City Shines
2. Northern New South Wales
3. Memphis Has Got a Pyramid
4. Tropical Rain
5. Willy Brown
6. Green Turns To Blue
7. Chi Kung Boogie
8. Certain Kind Of Thrill
9. The Spiral
10. Fuhrer Bunker
11. My Last Day In Berlin
12. Relax`in
13. Oz Boogie
14. Free At Last

35 years ago Matt Taylor gave up his career in music to save the planet. It seemed obvious that pouring chemicals into the atmosphere and on the soil would have disastrous effects. After a year of changing diet and growing his own food and generally re-arranging his consciousness, he came back into the music business re-invigorated and ready to share his experiences. Michael Gudinski had just started Mushroom Records so he arranged to bring the channel 9 24 track recording equipment to a farm in Frankston where Matt and his family were now living. One song recorded in an open field was Australian music classic “I remember when I was young”. Matt recorded 3 albums for Mushroom Records.

Matt learned quickly the frailties of trying to play a serious music in a pop environment. He’d been one of the earliest pioneers of Blues in Australia and in the eighties was often described as the Father of Australian Blues. Though he prefers the originator of OzBlues. For many years Matt played all over Australia with the early Blues bands establishing music most Australian’s are still unfamiliar with. When He discovered the environmental crisis looming in 1970 his music was changed for better or worse forever. He lived the alternative and wrote songs about his experiences. When you consider the bulk of the population has only recently accepted climate change you may imagine the difficulties involved with spreading the message 3 decades ago.

The follow up to “I remember when I was young” was Fair Dinkum Aussie Blues released in 1973 with references such as native Australian’s should be consulted by mining companies, that consumer consciousness was heading nowhere and that Australians must express their concerns with their own voice - all taken as givens now.

Matt was told he was very brave but his chances of being played on commercial radio again had dissipated. After 3 years Matt was rejected and tired of banging his head against a brick wall. The frustration came out in his third and last Mushroom album “Old New and Intuitive”. A year earlier Matt had played to 4000 youngsters at Melbourne’s Festival Hall all singing along with Brisbane to Beechworth and "I remember when I was young”, now supporting Skyhooks some of these same people were yelling for him to get off. So Matt packed up the family and joined an established alternative community in Western Australia.

Matt stayed in the community for 2 years before moving to Perth where he averaged 5 gigs a week for 12 years in such bands as Western Flyer, Matt Taylor Band featuring Dave Hole, Matt Taylor Phil Manning Band and Chain. He started Forever Records and has recorded many CD’s over the last 25 years. Matt has little regard for musical fashions and trends. He believes self expression opens up possibilities for Everyone to step back from the pack and view things as they really are. Does Matt regret not becoming a household name? He understands pioneers rarely get the land but participate in a wonderful adventure. “If anyone would have told me in 1966 that I’d still be writing and recording music today I would have thought “How wonderful”.

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