The Awakening

Recorded: 1997

Band Members: Matt Taylor (Vocals/Harmonica/Guitar).

Label: Forever Records


1. Awakening
2. Summer of Love
3. Paradox to Paradigm
4. Long Dark Night of the Soul
5. AM Boogie
6. Chinese Curse
7. Electronic Love
8. Mighty World
9. Quandary
10. Serious
11. Mind Wide Open
12. The Restaurant of Thought
13. Whole Lot of Tricks
14. Conclusion


Written by Matt Taylor

When I first heard the Blues I was 14 years old. It was honest about sex and honest about life. At that time in Brisbane where I was born, people weren’t honest about either. Blues became part of my own awakening.

I read how in America, Blues was the Devil’s music and Gospel was the Gods. My only devil is ignorance and my only God is this wonderful, multidimensional universe where the game of life unfolds.

O.K. This isn’t the Blues I heard as a 14 year old, but it’s there if you really listen.

As I was completing this CD, 39 people killed themselves in California so they could join the crew of a spacecraft following the Hale-Bopp Comet.

This collection of songs will hopefully inform those who are awakening that you don’t need wild eyed messiahs, gurus etc. You only need to understand your own life, listen to your own thoughts and re-evaluate your deepest beliefs. Through synchronicity you’ll find books, teachers, even situations that will pass on the necessary information for your journey.

Only you can make this journey, always be open to suggestions but never give away your free will no matter how much pressure is put on you. No one (including myself) has your answers, except you. At best others can only help by pointing you in the right direction.

"I was at a gig selling CD's during the break a young man asked if I had a copy of the Awakening. He said he bought a copy the day it was released, didn't like it so he gave it to a friend. A few days later he couldn't get the songs out of his head so he went to get the CD back, his friend wouldn't part with it. I took this as a compliment". Matt Taylor

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